Saturday, December 7, 2013

Coffee Stains - Emonique Cafe, Cyberjaya

Recently, I have been falling in love with coffee for year.
It was café latte to be my first love,
then I change my choice towards flat white,
while none of the others will ever cross my mind.

Since then, I tried out a lot of the coffee recommended by the blogger.
However, personally, I think some of the coffee or café have been overrated.
Out of all the coffee that I have tried,
I still remained my love towards Emonique Café despite all the recommendation on internet and blogs.

That is the place where I usually get my caffeine fix.
Emonique Café is a newly opened café in the Cyberjaya about few months ago.
It is a concept cafe that re-defined a lifestyle cafe house which serves Asian-fusion foods and drinks.

Not to forget, the special brew coffee originated from the Hill Tribes of Northern Thailand. 
Roasted Coffee Bean from Hill Tribes of Northern Thailand.

The flat white is the closest thing to perfect coffee as I like the fullest flavor in my brew.
I prefer a cup of coffee without single drip of sugar or syrup as I am able to taste the real coffee.
The coffee there is always robust and smooth, with little bitterly roasted taste.
It slipped through your lips, while the decent smell of caffeine stays on the tongue for long enough.
The Queen of my heart- Flat White by Emonique Cafe.

Iced Cafe Latte will be my second choice.

Emonique Cafe also served Vietnamese coffee which worst a try.

From many, the scent of freshly brewed coffee by Emonique Café is always the highlight of my days and always can’t get enough of it.
“Thai Coffee” doesn’t usually spring up as a top choice for flavour and high quality beans.

But, I think Emonique Café deserved the award-winning cup of coffee.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Bubble Tea's

Ochado aka 茶道

For this outlet,
I would strongly recommend for Pop Egg Roasted Milk Tea!!!
It is a MUST TRY drink/beverage.

In fact,
The roasted milk tea is the best among all,
Together with the coffee-filled pop egg,
It makes up the wonderfull combination.

Of cause,
The Okinawa Matcha Milk Tea is one of my favourite bubble teas from this shop.
The matcha taste is thick and smooth compare to the others shop.
It is also the top 10 drinks in the list!

When you do drop by the Ochado outlet,
Don’t forget to try out their mille crepe.
The mille crepes are not bad.
However, as a Malaccan,
I still vote for Nadeje mille crepe.

Share Tea aka 歇脚亭
As for this outlet,
I would rather recommend another drink instead of matcha.
I think everyone will get bored at the end of the day if I keep recommend matcha.

You should try the fresh hand make taro milk aka手感芋头牛奶.
It was totally different from the usual taro milk tea you had tried anywhere.
The taro is fresh blended,
And you can even bite the small blended pieces of fresh taro while having a mouth of drink from the straw.
It is not only a drink,
But can be a meal as you will feel full after 1 cup of it.

Not to forget,
The new taste in trend from Share Tea too.
Make you bubble tea with Rock Salt “CHEESE” Cream Beverages.
For people who love 重口味,
You might love this.
I had tried out the Rock Salt Cheese Cream with Cocoa once.
However, my advice will be drinking it cold and less sugar.
If not,
You will be experiencing nausea.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Chatime Malaysia

Anyone realize that my blog has been neglected for a long time?
Let’s get ourselves updated with something today,
BUBBLE TEA aka 珍珠奶茶

Bubble tea brands and outlets in Malaysia were like mushroom after rain…
Each brand grown into outlets & branches,
While each brand come after another.
All clamming themselves to be “Local Taiwanese” favorite brand,
or “正宗台湾珍珠奶茶”…

However, how many of them are qualified enough to call themselves that?
Yet, I has been trying my very best to try out most of the brands.

Hopefully I will never fall into the hyperglycemic category,
And being diagnosed with Type 2 diabetic mellitus 2° to “bubble tea” addiction…
Just kidding as an introduction…

Chatime Malaysia aka 日出茶太
Among all the bubble tea in the town,
Chatime would be my most recommended bubble tea…
I used to ask why people are so addicted to Chatime, instead of others.
But, I found the reason after it.

Uji Matcha Milk Tea is always the standard evaluation beverage for each different brand when I 1st visited the shop.
The 2nd standard evaluation will be Signature Milk Tea aka招牌奶茶.
This is how I evaluate bubble tea.
In my opinion, if you can’t produce an impressive Uji Matcha Milk tea in your menu, then you are fail to called yourself “正宗台湾珍珠奶茶”…
In fact, Chatime has the best Uji Matcha Milk Tea compared to other shops.


Normally, I will order for an Uji Matcha Milk Tea with glass jelly.
I will always request for NO red bean as I don’t really in love with it.
For my suggestion, anyone should always try Uji Matcha Milk Tea with red bean and without red bean for once.
And glass jelly will definitely be the topping for such a wonderful drink.
Both the beverages actually tasted differently with or without red bean.
Of cause, it depends on personal favorite too.

On the other hand,
Chatime own the best grass jelly aka 仙草 among all others.
It is QQ, smooth and soft.
This is another reason why I rated Chatime as 1st recommended bubble tea.

Here are some of the recommended drinks or beverages if you do visit Chatime next time.

Top recommended drinks and beverages.

There is also some tips or steps I would like to share on how to order your preferred bubble tea.
Tea/Coffee/Flavour series + topping + Sweetness + Ice cubes= Chatime!!!
Normally, I preferred to take grass jelly or pearl for topping,
30% sugar level,
and 50% ice cubes.
This is make me a healthy and less sugar bubble tea.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Chef Tony's Popcorn

1st discovered thousands years ago
by Native Americans in North America,

One of the oldest forms of corn:
evidence of existence from 3600 B.C. was found in New Mexico,

Here we have for today,
The Popcorn!!!

Golden Screen Cinema (GSC) Caramel Popcorn,

Planet Popcorn (星球工坊手工現做爆米花),
originated from Taipei, Taiwan 111.
founded since 2010.
The brand caption for Planet Popcorn.  
The choices of satisfactory flavor for Planet Popcorn.

Garrett Popcorn,
handmade daily in old-fashioned copper kettles using only the highest-quality ingredients,
founded since 1949.
The Signature Flavors for Garret Popcorn.

the Main Character/ Hero is
Chef Tony's Popcorn.
Not just popcorn,
Chef Tony's Popcorn is a gourmet popcorn.

They named it as "Your Tub of Happiness!"
from Manila, Philippines,
to Singapore,
and finally to Malaysia.
Chef Tony's Popcorn- Your Tubs of Happiness

With no preservative and no artificial flavors,
only natural ingredients harvest the recipes,
including The Best natural ingredients from part of the world:
GMO-free corn kernels,
real cheeses, chocolates, honey and whole nuts from US, Europe and Japan.

Amazing gourmet flavors that you would crave for,
or chocolatey,
even really salty-buttery.

Rich macha Green Tea from Japan,
Dark chocolates from Belgium,
even a blend of herbs from charming, romantic France,
and nuts and cheese from the USA! 

Sure you wondering where I hunted this popcorn???
Here you go.
Level 2, Fahrenheit 88, Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur.
Besides that,
you might also hunt the popcorn in
Johor (KSL City Mall, Sutera Mall, Jusco Taman University UG Floor, & AEON Bukit Indah),
Kuala Lumpur (Fahrenheit 88 & Wangsa Walk)
, and Sabah (1 Borneo Mall, & City Mall)

These 2 are the best seller
and I, personally, highly recommended this for those who love sweet , creamy-buttery,  & nutty flavors.
For each corn kernel pop in your mouth,
1st- the Parmesan buttery aroma pop into your nose stimulating your olfaction.
2nd- the sweet, creamy taste pop into your taste bud stimulating your saliva secretion.
3rd- the rich white chocolate chocolatey enhance your taste buds stimulation.

Belgian Butter with Whole Walnuts.

4 tubs of popcorn cost me about RM 120.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Tong Pak Fu (糖百府)

The 7th branch of Tong Pak Fu(糖百府) in
The Mines Shopping Complex.
Half store tucked in the restaurant lot,
while another half of open concept store,
just beside The Mines River Cruise.
Open concept of Tong Pak Fu in The Mines,
decorated with loads of white & orange colored wooden chairs.
Tong Pak Fu(糖百府) is a unique dessert specialist
which won the Award Winning Dessert from Hong Kong.
Tong Pak Fu was awarded for winning snow ice series
and their best sellers- traditional hot dessert.
Tong Pak Fu(糖百府) 
is one of the famous & popular dessert houses originate from Hong Kong.

This will be the front cover for the menu.
The menu of Tong Pak Fu.

Milk Snow Ice (RM 7.80),
Chocolate Snow Ice (RM 7.80),
Almond Snow Ice (RM 7.80),
Guava Snow Ice (RM 8.80),
Coffee Snow Ice (RM 7.80),
Ginger Snow Ice (RM 8.80)
Mango & Milk Snow Ice (RM 8.80),
not to forget my favourite,
D24 Durian Snow Ice (RM 9.80) 
& Tracka Durian Snow Ice (RM 11.80).
With the name of Award Winning Snow Ice,
I decided to tried one of them.

Without second thought, I order this-
Tracka Durian Snow Ice (竹脚榴莲飘香),
though it was pricey for dessert.
RM 11.80 for regular.

No. 1 Tracka Durian Snow Ice.
My friend then ordered the hot dessert.

On the other hand,
my friend ordered the Traditional Hot Dessert.
I do tease her look just like grandma, 
who love to take traditional hot dessert.

Aromatic, smooth & rich taste of Black Glutinous Rice Cream
with Coconut Milk (紫米露)
RM 5.80. 

She said: "Nice. I like it."

Besides that,
we also ordered the snack food recommended by the BOSS.
it might take 15 minutes for preparation.
So please be patience while waiting the dessert to get serve.

Glutinous Rice Balls with Black Sesame & Peanut Toppings
RM 4.80

There is promotion going around with the traditional hot dessert & glutinous rice balls
when I visited the store.
"Choose any items from SNACK FOOD selection, 
top up RM 3.00 to get a TRADITIONAL HOT DESSERT."
(Monday - Friday, 10.00am - 3.00pm)

Don't forget to bring your Student Card as proof to enjoy 10% discount.

Some recommendation on the Best Seller Menu.